Eben-Ezer is a great family. We are passionate about community, friends and the search for the Presence of God in our lives.

Welcome to EbenEzer Church

Our calling

It is toward Him "and He called to Himself those whom He willed and they came to Him." (1 Co.1:9RV)

Our vision

It is His Presence "And he appointed twelve, that they might be with him..." (Ex. 33:15RV)

Our commission

It is to preach the gospel to every creature "...and to send them out to preach..." (Mc. 16:15RV)

Our Next Events

Our Services

Saturday 6:45pm

Praise and Worship

Alabanza y Adoración

Sunday 1:00pm



Sunday 6-9pm

Youth night

Noche Juvenil

502 E. Capital Ave. Grand Island, NE 68802